Implant languages

Implant languages
Ultra-high speed learning
Science and English

Word implants are a way to simultaneously develop the sound of multiple languages in science and English at the same time.
It is a scientific learning method developed so that it can be learned.

You will master English without any discomfort in an environment where you are studying chemistry, and you do not need to be prepared to study English in particular.
While acquiring knowledge and skills in chemistry, you will develop your English ears and will be able to express English in chemistry.
And, without being aware of it, English can also be a means to acquire knowledge and skills in chemistry.

Implant, which is a combination of Japanese and English, allows Japanese-speaking people to hear the contents of Japanese. Also, English-speaking people can hear the content of English.
And once you get used to implants, in the first stage, if you consciously listen only to Japanese, you will be able to hear only Japanese, and if you listen only to English, you will be able to distinguish only English. It will be like this.
In the second stage, you will be able to listen to both Japanese and English at the same time.
By doing so, you will be able to improve your skills in simultaneous interpretation.

The ultra-high-speed learning digital content of chemistry that has been voiced has music playing in the background. Back music makes it possible to learn chemistry in a pleasant way.
Similarly, when English flows in the Japanese background, the English itself feels like background music. It seems that it has the effect of deeply engraving the contents of chemistry on the basis of a pleasant study of English.

Our words were brought up by ear studies. Your baby’s language acquisition skills are equal for Japanese, English, and German. In this era, I think that implants are one of the techniques to learn multiple languages without difficulty by utilizing the original human ability.

Implant languages

Ultra-high speed learning

Science and English

When the difficulty level of the expression content is quantified, the average reading difficulty level of about 45 characters per line in Japanese is 10 seconds. 6 lines is equivalent to 60 seconds and 1 minute.

The difficulty of listening is about 10% lower, 9 seconds. We define that 45 characters per line of Japanese can be heard in 9 seconds without any misunderstanding.

Normally, one line of A5 version is expressed by about 40 characters and 15 lines, so the total number of characters is 600 characters. So,dividing 600 characters, multiplying 45 characters by 9 s becomes 120 s.

The difficulty of listening to 600 characters per page in Japanese is 120 s. Anyone can hear it in 2 minutes without any misunderstanding.

The reading difficulty is about 0.22 s per character, and the listening difficulty is about 0.20 s per character.

After that, the standard reading difficulty of 100 characters is considered to be 22 s, and the standard listening difficulty is considered to be 20 s.

In the case of textbooks, the text information filling rate for one page is about 50%.In addition, reading books such as novels are about 80%.

B5 version 400 pages of textbook, 1 page is difficult to read, approximately 450 x 0.22 = 99s.

The listening difficulty is about 450 x 0.2 = 90s, so

The difficulty of reading one textbook is calculated as 39600 s, and the difficulty of listening is calculated as 36000 s.

These difficulty levels are represented by 40,000 s, and the learning difficulty level of textbooks is regarded as 40,000 s.

Chemistry textbooks have a learning difficulty of 40,000 s, and 20 minutes of learning a day, 40,000 s ÷ 1200 s.

Therefore, the amount of learning ends in 33 days.

If the viewing speed is 1.5 times faster, it will be completed in 22 days.

Implant learning is a method of learning the contents of science and at the same time training English ears by taking into account such learning difficulty.

Implant languages

Super fast learningScience and English

Let’s do an implant specifically.


expressed as an integer


1 molecule of propane reacts with 5 molecules of oxygen

Connect these sentences.


expressed as an integer, 1 molecule of propane reacts with 5 molecules of oxygen

The sentence length is square root 2 times longer in English than in Japanese.

We will proceed with the implant by voicing each word.Here, I will prescribe the expression method of implants.

“Japanese ⟨50│100⟩English” indicates that 50% of Japanese is implanted in English.

Therefore, it shows that English is pronounced when Japanese is pronounced at the beginning and half progresses.

Half of Japanese is embedded in English.

Implant languages (インプラント) ・・・超高速学習 理科と英語

◆整数で表す( 1.176s )

◆expressed as an integer( 1.661𝑠 )


Implant languages (インプラント) ・・・超高速学習 理科と英語


◆1日本語 ⟨100│100⟩ 英語 ( 3.123s )

◆2日本語 ⟨100∙100⟩ 英語 ( 2.716s )

Implant languages (インプラント) ・・・超高速学習 理科と英語

◆3日本語 ⟨50│100⟩ 英語 ( 1.807s )

◆4日本語 ⟨0│100⟩ 英語 ( 1.598s )

Implant languages (インプラント) ・・・超高速学習 理科と英語

◆5英語 ⟨100│50⟩ 日本語 ( 1.643s )

◆6英語 ⟨100∙100⟩ 日本語 ( 2.548s )

Implant languages (インプラント) ・・・超高速学習 理科と英語

◆7英語 ⟨100│100⟩ 日本語 ( 3.097s )

化学の内容を理解しながら、英語を身に着けるために、初め  日本語を聴く。





左手の奏でる旋律と、右手になる旋律を 同時に聴き取ることと似ています。

日本語が聴こえ始めたら その英語を 同時に口ずさみ、英語が聴こえ始めたら 同時に日本語に通訳するように努めていると、、化学の内容がさらに深く定着し、その英訳も瞬時にできるようになることが期待されます。

超高速学習は 耳学によって、学習効率を飛躍的に高め、学習力の筋肉を鍛える。

そして、インプラントは 筋肉をつくるアミノ酸である。

Implant languages (インプラント) ・・・超高速学習 理科と英語

◆7英語 ⟨100│100⟩ 日本語 ( 3.097s )

To learn English while understanding the contents of chemistry, first listen to Japanese.
Next, listen to the content in English.
Listen to the implants in Japanese and English.
At this time, Japanese and English can be heard at the same time, but listen only to Japanese and try to distinguish between them.
Repeat, this time only listen to English.
By repeating this viewing experience, you will be able to hear, two words at the same time.
It is similar to listening to the tune played by the left hand and, the tune played by the right hand at the same time, as when listening to a piano performance.
If you start to hear Japanese and hum it at the same time, and try to translate it into Japanese at the same time, when you start hearing English, the content of chemistry will become more firmly established, and you will be able to translate it into English instantly. Expected.

Ultra-high-speed learning dramatically improves learning efficiency, and trains the muscles of learning ability through otology.
And implants are amino acids that make muscle.

How to utilize ultra-high-speed learning for group learning

The contents of ultra-high-speed learning are divided into three.
① Content for listening to words and phrases
② Content for understanding the content of the explanation
③ Contents of the 3-second oral examination
The whole group will watch the content of ① that listens to the words and phrases once. Everyone will share the words and phrases that appear in the content that they have watched.
Set a time limit of 3 minutes.Each member of the group writes down the words and phrases they hear.
After 3 minutes, watch the content of ① again to see if all the words and phrases that the group encountered are all.
After all the words and phrases have been put out, watch the content of the explanation in ②.
Write down what kind of discoveries each person made about the content of the explanation.
Then, report the written contents to each other.
Set the time limit to 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, watch the content of ② again.
Each person will write down what they have discovered.
Set the time limit to 5 minutes.


After 5 minutes, watch the content of ② again.


5 and 6 are repeated and the learning time is completed in 20 minutes.


If implant learning materials are used for such group learning, even greater learning results can be obtained.